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Avoiding the “Freshman Fifteen”

A healthier meal choice at college

Nobody gets through their freshman year without hearing horror stories of the weight gain that plagues new students called the “freshman fifteen”. Although myths of the freshman fifteen are over exaggerated, it is true that on average one in four freshman gain ten pounds during their first year at college. This can have negative effects on a student’s concentration and overall health. However, this weight gain and resulting unhealthiness can easily be avoided by using some self restraint and ingenuity when it comes to dining halls.

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The Truth About College Parties

Beer Pong cups (Photo by Yogma @ Flickr)

Movies always depict college parties in the exact same way: A huge group of frat boys and sorority girls drink beer from red cups and ultimately end up trashing the house. Surely not all college parties are like this, right?

Truth is, while every college has a slightly different college party scene, those stereotypical frat parties with kegs, music, and college kids do exist (with a few deviations from the movies). Here are some things that surprised me.

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How to succeed at the first weeks of college

College freshman hard at work

After packing, deliberating, and thinking about moving in for weeks, you’re finally leaving home. It can be easy to feel stressed, upset, or lonely during these first few weeks but following these steps will prevent you from focusing on the negatives and instead starting your new chapter in life.

Introduce yourself

Remember that everyone is in the exact same position as you and are open to meeting new friends. Many will even feel relieved when you make the first move to initiate a conversation. Sit with a new person in the dining hall, join a new club at the activities fair, or invite someone to go to a party with you.

Don’t be afraid to sit next to new people in class and start a conversation. Outside of your dorm, this is one of the best places to meet new people.

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What is SnugNote?


When people care about others, sometimes it can lead to worrying. A mom wondering if her son is safe off at college. A daughter wondering if her elderly father is okay now that he’s living alone. An aunt who thinks of her niece and nephew halfway across the country.

Worry is natural. But excessive worrying can lead to stress for the worrier, and a feeling of intrusion for those being worried about.

We’ve found the ideal balance. SnugNote let’s you know that the most important people in your life are safe on a daily basis, but without excessively intruding into those people’s lives. And, conversely, we let you give peace of mind to the people that worry about you.

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